Make That Special Room a Place of Style and Comfort

Bedroom furniture sets can readily be found in American Colonial, Swedish Modern, High Tech, Romantic and a hundred other styles. Four posters are ever popular. Canopies are coming back. Brass headboards are all the rage. Any style imaginable is just a few clicks away.

Oak is still popular, of course. But Cherry, Teak and a half-dozen other woods are hanging right in there. Precision manufactured or hand made, finished or unfinished, they're all just perfect for someone. Fittings and frames are more secure than ever. Gone are the days of split, pressboard bed frame parts.

Decorating Your Home For Easter


Few people string lights up outdoors for Easter. But a great way to greet guests on this special day is to have a string on the front door in the shape of a colorful egg or bunny. You can even make a nice design in the shape of an Easter lily.

It's no accident that Easter is close to the beginning of Spring when the Earth comes alive. This ancient festival began as a celebration of fertility and new beginnings. You can help show that by planting some Easter flowers in yellow, red and blue - all traditional colors.

Wool Rugs

With the emphasis in living green and doing what’s good for the environment, you may be surprised that many of the rugs available today are synthetic. Many of them are made from petroleum products and have chemicals which could even endanger your family. Wool rugs, on the other hand, are made from natural fibers. They can also be easily cleaned up with soap and water, unlike synthetic rugs which must be cleaned with more chemicals.