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Decorating Your Home For Easter

Halloween and Christmas are not the only holidays that provide a great opportunity to bring out the fun decorations. You can liven up your home inside and out on Easter with all sorts of things.


Few people string lights up outdoors for Easter. But a great way to greet guests on this special day is to have a string on the front door in the shape of a colorful egg or bunny. You can even make a nice design in the shape of an Easter lily.

It's no accident that Easter is close to the beginning of Spring when the Earth comes alive. This ancient festival began as a celebration of fertility and new beginnings. You can help show that by planting some Easter flowers in yellow, red and blue - all traditional colors.

While you're decorating the outside of the house, maybe you'll want to trim the edge of the yard. That thin strip between the grass and the sidewalk is the perfect place to put some tall stalks in Easter colors. From each corner you could hang an Easter animal - a bunny, a goose, a squirrel all of whom get very active in Spring.

Don't forget about those outdoor deck lamps. They're the perfect place to hang a few Easter decorations. Stuffed faux-chocolate bunnies are one option. A wreath made of pine cone branches decorated with colored eggshells is a possibility. How about a goose that quacks whenever someone walks by? Motion activated toys are easy to find on the web.


Any flat surface provides a chance to put out lots of decorations - whether made yourself or purchased. Have a favorite bunny doll that your child made at school? That would go great on the stair railing. Maybe you made a wall decoration in the shape of a giant egg from thin colored plastic of the sort available at hobby sites. Display it proudly.

If you have some table space, you can have it do double duty for decorations and goodies that are themselves decorative. The living room coffee table is the perfect place for a bowl full of gingerbread cookies in the shape of Peter Cottontail. Right next to it there's a nice empty spot for that stuffed rabbit you helped your son or daughter make last weekend.

Since it's early Spring, be sure to scatter some pine cones around. Surround them with some trimmings from the pine tree to add a lovely smell and some color. In the middle, you can put a bowl filled up with muffins in the shape of a bunny rabbit mound with a hole in the middle.

Maybe you have one of those robot vacuum cleaners that runs around the floor? That provides a flat, yet mobile surface on which to exercise your creativity. Some double-sided sticky tape is the perfect adhesive to attach a bunny who plays the cymbals.

Announce Easter and the coming of Spring with some fun!