Networking during Slow Periods

In every business there will be a time when business is not at an all-time high. How you handle these periods will determine the outcome of your business when things are moving along better. Don’t close down when profits are down.

Networking is a powerful tool in the business world. At times it is definitely who you know that makes a difference. But, we are not necessarily talking about the Donald Trump types. The most important people in your business are the customers. Use slow periods to reconnect with them.

eCommerce Packages

It’s happened to all of us. An idea strikes us like lightening. As quickly as it strikes we realize we don’t have the skills, resources or tools to make it a reality. Or do we? Enter the world of tidy, bundled solutions. Enter the world of total ecommerce packages. You don’t need a programmer, graphic artist or web designer. A few clicks of the mouse can make your genius idea a reality in less than a few hours’ time.

Marketing Scares Me

It is exciting to start a business. Many businesses start as a home enterprise because there are very few overheads. Once profits increase, the owner can move into a brick and mortar building if they want. But before any of that happens, we have to have a marketing plan to get things going. And that can be scary.

What scares people about marketing? One thing that I find scary is the amount of knowledge needed to make it work. When people start talking about niche marketing, test markets, opt-ins, and email marketing, I begin to quiver. What does all this mean?

Rude Customers

One thing that even diverse businesses have in common is rude customers. Unfortunately, this is a part of doing business and cannot be totally avoided. On the plus side, these can be few and far between. When you do stumble upon one, it is important to keep positive and not let it ruin your day.

A business owner can take all the time in the world to explain their company position and there will definitely be one or unfortunately more than one customer who does not understand, gets offended and gets extremely rude.

Benefits of Providing Audio Recordings and Transcripts of Teleconferences

Having a teleconference provides a number of benefits, both to business owners and their customers or prospects. It gives them an interactive environment in which to discuss business matters and propositions, and it can be a great way to make sales. These types of conferences are also more accessible than traditional conferences because there is no travel required to attend.

Ten Things to Look for in an Intern

Searching for an intern is more difficult than one might imagine. Finding the right one for your business is just as important as carefully selecting your employees. And if you're hiring your intern for a short-term project, it's especially important to find someone who can jump in and get the job done.

Following are some qualities to look for in your interns: