One thing that even diverse businesses have in common is rude customers. Unfortunately, this is a part of doing business and cannot be totally avoided. On the plus side, these can be few and far between. When you do stumble upon one, it is important to keep positive and not let it ruin your day.

A business owner can take all the time in the world to explain their company position and there will definitely be one or unfortunately more than one customer who does not understand, gets offended and gets extremely rude.

Try to keep a clear mental attitude and divide yourself between you and the role you play within the company. Always remember never to take a customer complaint personally. The customer is being rude towards the product or service they've received. If you or your employees slip and start taking the complaint personally, that complaint turns into an issue in which emotions make the complaint a personal issue.

Try to remain calm and maintain a pleasant demeanor. Sometimes the customer is looking for a reaction, and when you fail to give them one, they will realize how ridiculous they are being and will calm down. It's human nature for people to modulate and automatically try to match the person they are talking to.

When customers are rude and upset that doesn't always mean they are wrong. It can be difficult to sort out the emotions of what they are trying to say.

Once the customer calms down, try to work together to find a solution that makes both sides happy. Telling the customer you understand will help them feel that you are on their side and are trying to help them.

Ask the customer how they think the issue should be resolved. In many cases, the customer may just want to know that they are being listened to.

Never make promises you can't keep to the customer. That's the worst thing that can be done for a customer that is already angry and upset. All the ground that has been gained could be lost in an instant with making empty promises.

Don't speak for other people without checking with them first, unless you are positive they can do what you are promising the customer. If it comes to breaking that promise made with the customer, tell the customer immediately and explain to them why that promise can't be made. Always have a Plan B in the event this happens.

Go over the conversation one more time with the customer to make sure they understand everything. This way you and the customer have a chance to correct any additional misunderstandings.