Camping: What To Pack

Campers are always faced with a dilemma. Either you bring the entire house to your camping site or you invariably find that the one thing you need was left at home. There's no perfect way out of this, but a little thought will help improve your odds. Bring what you really need, without overflowing your vehicle or breaking your back.

Decorating Your Home For Easter


Few people string lights up outdoors for Easter. But a great way to greet guests on this special day is to have a string on the front door in the shape of a colorful egg or bunny. You can even make a nice design in the shape of an Easter lily.

It's no accident that Easter is close to the beginning of Spring when the Earth comes alive. This ancient festival began as a celebration of fertility and new beginnings. You can help show that by planting some Easter flowers in yellow, red and blue - all traditional colors.

Personalized Easter Gifts

Nothing says 'I thought about your gift' better than a personalized item. Luckily, the variety of choices available today is stunning.

Easter Flower Gift Ideas for Everyone

Start the season off right by selecting some bright tulips. Yellow, orange, pink or purple, they are available in all the Easter colors. Put them in a brightly colored pail and decorate the handle with a ribbon and an Easter tag in the shape of a bunny.

A bucket of blossoms isn't the only way to deliver those delightful Easter flowers, though. A beautiful coffee cup full of violet plants can be more than just petals on a plate. The cup itself can reflect the fine color of these welcome messengers of Spring.

Planning Your Cruise: Gathering Documents

Taking a cruise is quite a bit more complicated than making an airplane reservation and getting on board. Even that can be a hassle these days, but many of the difficulties of air travel don't exist in travel by ship. But, there is a laundry list of things you should think about when planning your cruise in order to ensure smooth sailing.

Stay Motivated During Winter Exercise

You have worked all year to get in shape. It could have been a New Year’s resolution that got you started. When winter hits, the weather gets cold and gloomy. Learn to ignore the gloom and doom and stay on track to better health.

Las Vegas Casinos

With all the new shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment offered by Las Vegas these days it's easy to forget about the casinos. But they are still the center of attraction for many.

Things To Do On A Cruise

Some people are reluctant to take a cruise for fear they will be bored. They worry that, after a couple of days of relaxing, soaking up sun and maybe reading a book, they will be looking for something to do. While looking, they think, they'll be trapped on a ship with nowhere to go. The result? Boredom.

Common Misconceptions About Cruises

There are a number of views commonly held by those who haven't actually been on a cruise. Those views may be keeping them from even exploring the possibility of taking one. So, exposing some of those misconceptions may help.