Nothing says 'I thought about your gift' better than a personalized item. Luckily, the variety of choices available today is stunning.

There is simple personalization. This involves putting the name of the recipient on the gift.

An Easter basket can easily be decorated this way by having the name embossed or stitched onto cloth that decorates the basket. A sweater with initials is a more subtle method, suitable for someone old or young. Other gifts, like earrings, can easily carry initials, too.

But jewelry and other gifts can have another, slightly more elaborate form of personalization as well. A bracelet - whether a simple strip of silver or a fine work festooned with jewels - can carry two types. The first is just simple personalization, a name or initials. But imprinting or carving a personally meaningful phrase also makes the gift unique to that individual.

That phrase could be something he or she said the day you met. It might be a line from a favorite poem. It might even be a memorable or hilarious bit of dialogue from a TV show. In many cases it is something that the recipient has adopted as a kind of motto.

But that personalization doesn't have to be limited to words. It can be in the form of a logo, a graphic or a full scene that means something special to the receiver of the gift.

A coffee cup or tea cup is the perfect place to put initials or a name on the bottom. But the side provides a broad 'billboard' to contain that perfect personalized image. It might be a photo of the giver or the recipient, or that of a cherished child or pet. It might be the logo of the small business he or she founded.

It might be nothing more elaborate than an image they have selected as a kind of personal symbol. In olden days shields and banners carried a coat of arms. The idea has come down to us and has been modified heavily, but still persists. The image may be one that represents the family or just one that he or she finds personally representative. Today, the item might be no more warlike than a set of towels, but the idea is much the same.

Sweaters are a great gift to implement that type of personalization. A small emblem can easily be personalized and sewn on to a fine item of clothing. Gloves are another opportunity to add a personal touch. There's lots of flat, open space on the back of the hand where that decorative item can easily be seen and admired.

Stationary presents yet another excellent opportunity to personalize an otherwise mundane gift. The top inch or so of fine writing or printer paper gives plenty of space for a name, a phrase, a logo or an image that represents the person who will use it.

Now it is time to think about the people that matters and what personalized Easter gifts would suit you prepare for them. Personalizing your gift tells the recipient 'This is for you and no one else'. That extra little thoughtful touch is always appreciated.