Start the season off right by selecting some bright tulips. Yellow, orange, pink or purple, they are available in all the Easter colors. Put them in a brightly colored pail and decorate the handle with a ribbon and an Easter tag in the shape of a bunny.

A bucket of blossoms isn't the only way to deliver those delightful Easter flowers, though. A beautiful coffee cup full of violet plants can be more than just petals on a plate. The cup itself can reflect the fine color of these welcome messengers of Spring.

Sometimes you want those flowers to last more than a few days. That's easy if you pick a planter that is made from a pair of ceramic eggs. Give the eggs some legs and arms and they'll doff their caps to reveal the flowers inside. With some drain holes at the bottom, they can be the perfect holder for those smaller plants.

You may want a decorative item that is just a little out of the ordinary. An egg-wreath certainly fills the bill. Imagine a ring of natural moss that provides a perfect bed for ceramic eggs decorated to look like speckled robin's eggs. You can put the gift card in the beak of a little birdie at the top. Or, it can have a lovely blue ribbon that matches the color of the wreath.

Gardenias provide the perfect scent to fill the air with that hint of the coming Spring. Their delicate white color makes an excellent highlight against a background of rich green leaves. Filling an elegant, traditional wicker basket, they'll be appreciated by lovers of both sights and scents.

What better floral gift for Easter could there be than Easter lilies? These bell-shaped, pale white flowers are the very symbol of the rebirth of Spring. Imagine them resting in an elegant crystal vase on the mantle or coffee table. Oriental bulbs open in the warmth of the room and fill the room with beauty.

Want more color? No problem. Go for the iris bouquet that splashes deep blue light around. Set a bunch into a white porcelain vase to provide a container that doesn't compete for attention. The rich, deep color of these flowers will announce Spring in a way that is unmistakable.

Hyacinths in a rectangle planter are another perfect Easter flower. These small purple petals look great when sitting in a yellow container. The medium-length green stalks display them clearly and give an excellent color contrast to liven up any table.

Pink fuschias are another Easter flower favorite. A group resting in an eggshell planter look terrific as they nestle between dark green leaves. The calandiva plant is just the right height (about 10 inches) to use as the centerpiece of an Easter dining table, too.

There is an Easter flower gift suitable for each one of us. Give flowers for Easter and you'll hear nothing but murmurs of delight from everyone. Who doesn't like flowers?