Set Up Email Drafts

Emails are a big part of the business of doing business. Customers and business associates will contact you through your email. It is much easier than answering the telephone.

Email providers offer a variety of services. Usually we don’t use even half of the features that they offer. They not only provide solutions for personal email accounts, but also for business account holders. Finding out what they offer lets you know if that provider will work for you and your business.

eCommerce Packages

It’s happened to all of us. An idea strikes us like lightening. As quickly as it strikes we realize we don’t have the skills, resources or tools to make it a reality. Or do we? Enter the world of tidy, bundled solutions. Enter the world of total ecommerce packages. You don’t need a programmer, graphic artist or web designer. A few clicks of the mouse can make your genius idea a reality in less than a few hours’ time.

Keep the Personal Touch

When it comes to marketing, adding a personal touch can make all the difference. Some forms of marketing are very hard to personalize, of course. It’s not like you can do much with a flyer or business card.

It’s quite the opposite when it comes to email marketing. This is one form of marketing that is highly customizable. And the end results can be very profitable.

Marketing Scares Me

It is exciting to start a business. Many businesses start as a home enterprise because there are very few overheads. Once profits increase, the owner can move into a brick and mortar building if they want. But before any of that happens, we have to have a marketing plan to get things going. And that can be scary.

What scares people about marketing? One thing that I find scary is the amount of knowledge needed to make it work. When people start talking about niche marketing, test markets, opt-ins, and email marketing, I begin to quiver. What does all this mean?

Marketing Mistakes

Business is a combination of talent and hard work. The talent can only take you so far, so begin by doing your homework. Every business benefits from advertising in some form or another. The key to becoming a name that people can trust is to let them know who you are and what you stand for. Here are a few marketing mistakes that, if avoided, will spare you much grief and money.

Podcast Don’ts

When you use your cell phone, what it your etiquette? Hopefully it is good. Good cell phone etiquette includes speaking clearly, not being overbearing or demanding, using language that is not offensive, keeping your tone friendly and expressing what you have to say in a non-confrontational way. If you can keep to these few basics then you also have a good start on using the correct podcast etiquette.

Help Me Solve My Marketing Problems

It is very common for business owners to make mistakes when it comes to marketing. Learning how to market a business can be a lengthy process, full of trial and error. The following are some of the most common mistakes, with some tips on how to avoid them.

Not Defining a Target Market

A target market is the group a business owner is trying to sell to. When a business owner does not define their target market, or makes their target market too wide, they will have a tough time convincing their market to buy.