Risk Factors for Diabetes

The causes of diabetes are complex and only partly understood. Why any particular person gets diabetes isn't completely known. Complicating the situation is the fact that there are different types of the disease, though Type 1 and Type 2 are the most common. Each results from a combination of environmental and genetic influences.


Conjunctivitis is an eye problem in which the conjunctiva, which is the mucous membrane that covers the eyelid and the white part of both eyes, becomes inflamed. There are two main types of Conjunctivitis, or pink eye as it is more commonly referred to. The first results from a bacterial or viral infection and the other results from an allergic reaction.

Dental Care For Babies

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There is this belief among some people that dental care for babies isn't an important issue because those 'baby' teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. They believe that because baby teeth fall out, the focus should be on the child's permanent teeth.

If Child Gets Bitten

Many families have pets or live in areas where others have them. When your family has a pet you can feel relatively confident that your child is safe. However, you can’t always know that when your children are out in nature or around animals you’re not familiar with. You want to know what to do if your child gets bitten by an animal.