Decorating Your Home For Easter


Few people string lights up outdoors for Easter. But a great way to greet guests on this special day is to have a string on the front door in the shape of a colorful egg or bunny. You can even make a nice design in the shape of an Easter lily.

It's no accident that Easter is close to the beginning of Spring when the Earth comes alive. This ancient festival began as a celebration of fertility and new beginnings. You can help show that by planting some Easter flowers in yellow, red and blue - all traditional colors.


Do you have an idea of who would be your perfect man? For many, it would be Edward Cullen, the vampire created by Stephanie Meyers. The whole Twilight saga is teen, romantic and it has a happy end.

The Twilight saga has become a blockbuster movie series too and it has been a success on the big screen or DVD.

The books are available on papaerback or hardback editions, as well as digital. The titles are: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn.