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Easter is like Christmas in Spring, only better since the weather is better. It provides many opportunities to place some flower vases or planters around the house to bring the outdoor cheer indoors. Halloween and Christmas are not the only holidays that provide a great opportunity to bring out the fun decorations. You can liven up your home inside and out on Easter with all sorts of things. It's also a great time to give a gift of flowers to cure any lingering winter blues. The colors of the Earth come alive at this time of year and there are dozens of delightful species from which to choose. You can also think of personalized items. Nothing says 'I thought about your gift' better than a personalized item. Luckily, the variety of choices available today is stunning. Easter is a great time to give the kids gifts, especially when birthdays may be far off. But 'kids' covers a pretty wide range, from infant to teen. Maybe you're having trouble thinking of something for them that will fit into a basket. That problem is easy to solve. Easter baskets are filled with colorful eggs, everyone knows that. Sure. But they can hold so much more! Chocolate, stuffed dolls and many more goodies make for perfect additions to the traditional container. And let's not forget about the baskets themselves. They, too, can go well beyond the old-fashioned wicker. Decorating Easter eggs is an ancient tradition. But egg decorating is so much easier when your eggs are prepared properly. Kids can help, as well. Did you ever notice how most kids seem to be fearless when it comes to crafts? They don't wait until they have become experts to plunge in and make fun things just for the joy of it. For those, young or old, who might be a little shy about their ability, here are a few simple and easy to make Easter items to build confidence. All those decorated eggs will fit into the baskets presented as gifts, but let us not forget the Easter egg hunt. The tradition of Easter egg hunts goes back centuries in one form or another. As a symbol of fertility and new birth, eggs planted around the home bring to mind the rebirth of Spring. Incorporate that same feeling of joy into your hunt to make it fun for the whole family.