Tongue Inspection

What should the tongue normally look like? Well, it is a powerful but small muscle that is medium pink in color. It attaches to the back of the mouth cavity. When you speak, the tongue moves against the palate to help you to form words. When you eat, the tongue helps to break down the food as you eat it.

Now that you know what the tongue needs to look like, you are going to hear about what happens when we are not taking good care of ourselves.


Unschooling is an approach to homeschool education that represents the most unstructured approach to learning. It means, as the name suggests, not designing a curriculum at all. Instead, the child is allowed to explore any and all interests, at any pace and in any order they choose.

Do It Yourself Education

In considering homeschooling, a kind of do-it-yourself education, one of the first questions to ask is: Who is the 'you' in 'yourself'? Parents have busy lives, earning a living and pursuing other important values that benefit them and their children. Making time for giving a proper education at home, especially for single parents, can be difficult. What to do?

Notre Dame in Paris

Built between 1163AD and 1345AD the Gothic masterpiece remains today one of the world's great structures. The enormous interior can seat 6,000 at the base. But, for many, the major attraction is the 387-step climb to the top of the famous towers.

Once reached via that winding, narrow passageway the visitor enters a large area dominated by a huge church bell and spectacular sights. From here it's easy to imagine the fictional Quasimodo (the Hunchback of Notre Dame) ringing the 13-ton bell and clambering on the gargoyles around the perimeter.