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Painting Equipment

For all but the smallest jobs, a ladder is a must.

Make sure you overspend here. That doesn't mean buying foolishly, but getting more ladder than you think you need. Walls are always higher than they look and you need to stand two or even three steps down from the top rung for safety.

Crafting With Young Children

When crafting with young children, don’t worry about perfection. All that matters is they have fun and are happy with the result.

St Patrick's Day Crafts

St. Patrick's Day crafts have the bright green of Irish shamrocks and other Irish topics such as the pot of gold at the end or the rainbow and leprechauns.

Science Crafts

Science and art go hand in hand in this science crafts. Use them as starting point to design new crafty experiments.

Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's crafting? Find some tips and ideas for Valentine's Day crafts and gifts to make.


Painting is very creative and it will be even more enjoyable if you take these tips into account.


Help children improve their coloring skills with some simple tips.

Winter Crafts For Kids

What a better way to keep kids entertainied than arts and crafts? Find here a few ideas for winter crafts.