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Faux Painting Techniques

Faux painting is a method for painting a surface to resemble some natural finished material, such as wood or marble.

Painting Exterior Trim

Painting exterior trim is among the more difficult exterior paint jobs. It requires more preparation and greater care during execution. But it can also be the most satisfying, since good trim really makes a house stand out.

Exterior Preparation

Like it or not, most exterior house painting projects will be about 80% preparation. In those cases where the preparation can be almost entirely skipped, there's usually no need to paint the house. It can just be cleaned.

Exterior Paints

There's no rule cast in stone that defines an exterior paint. You could paint the outside of your house with paint designated 'Interior Paint'. But most outdoor formulas will have a number of attributes that make selecting exterior paint preferable.

Painting Exterior Walls

Apart from preparation, which is often 80% of the job, painting an exterior wall is about as easy as it gets. But there are still a few guidelines useful to follow to achieve the best final result.

Masking Tips

Whether the paint job is outside or in, masking is almost always needed at some stage. Unless the section to be painted is nowhere near a surface you don't want touched, this preparation step will be vital.


A primer is a paint or coating applied directly to a surface to serve as an undercoat for other paints. In principle, any paint could be used as primer, but specially prepared compounds typically do the job much better.

Ceilings, The High Challenge

Painting a ceiling is one of the more challenging paint jobs. From paint dripping and difficult angles to a textured surface, there are a few difficulties to overcome.

Interior Preparation

Regrettably, about 80% of any interior home painting project is preparation. Skipping this step will almost always produce a poor final result.

Interior Painting Guidelines

Once good preparation is completed, the actual painting can go quickly and easily. But there are still a few guidelines helpful to observe, in order to get the best result.