What Do I Do When My Email Is Ignored?

The Internet age is great, with video conferencing and sending emails back and forth. However one of the most annoying things in this age is when an email is sent to someone who does not reply. When there is no reply to a business email, it can be extremely frustrating and annoying. Believe it or not, it doesn't mean you're being ignored. Sometimes it’s just a way of saying “I'm extremely busy and I'll get back to you when I can.”

That leaves the burning question of what to do about it? Ignore that business contact? Absolutely not.

If all hope is abandoned after the first few tries, how is that sale going to be made? If you have a business proposal for them, how will they accept it if you give up? Prospects need to be reminded, sometimes more than once. Persistence pays off. Always be ready to talk with them when they reply to your email.

Try these techniques when your email is ignored:

  1. Send a short email asking for a short response like a yes or no. Most contacts will take the time for a quick yes or no regardless of how busy they are.
  2. Send another email, this time putting “Second Request” in the subject line.
  3. Give a deadline for responding to your email. Some people need to be reminded and by having a deadline it's the push they need to respond.
  4. Show concern in your second email. Say something like, “I was concerned when you didn't reply to my last email, are you alright”. This is good for people who you know on a personal level. It creates more of a human feel to the email. This usually will get a response of some kind.
  5. Put the contact on “automatic pilot”. Even if there isn't a deal in process, you have an automated reply system that helps to keep your name fresh in their minds. You can also remind business contacts of your products or service by sending them a newsletter by email, by regular mail or even a direct mail postcard.

To avoid crossing that line, ask the customer when the best time is to contact them or ask permission to contact them once a month or so.

Always keep in mind that when you are ready to present your next proposal to this customer they will without a doubt be grateful you never gave up. In the rules of the sales game, a customer just may say they're happy to hear from you the next time you call or email them.