Peel Away Ads

There is nothing more annoying than pop up ads. At first they were a novel idea but now they are just annoying. Is there another alternative for the website owner who wants to advertise? Let’s consider peel away ads.

Peel away ads are not relatively new but when they were they caught on like wildfire. These ads resolve the problem of pop ups in an interesting and intriguing way. People actually want to discover what these ads are hiding.

With traditional pop up ads, you have to click on them to make them go away. They can appear in the middle of reading an article or looking at a web page. Some pop up ads scroll across the page from one side to the other. The bottom line here is that the ads have become annoying and bothersome.

Peel away ads were designed to deal with the frustration of pop up ads. Websites use ads to bring in money. It could be an affiliate program you are involved in. Advertising is a necessary evil if the website wants to create a bit of passive income, but peel away ads makes it a bit less of a problem for visitors.

Peel away ads look just like a page of a book. The corner of the ad is bent down as if you were marking a page in a book. A portion of the can be seen so that the person gets an idea of what the ad is talking about.

When someone rolls their icon over the peeled page, it will peel a bit more. The person can continue reading the ad or choose to ignore it. In the second case, moving the icon away from the peeled page causes the page to return to its original state. No extra screen has to be clicked on and closed. The ad rolls back up and doesn’t get in the way.

Since it is still a novelty, some people click on these ads to see what happens and how they work. It is fun to do just to see how they will fold and unfold. If operating them is easy, adding peel away ads to your site is just as painless.

Purchase the peel away ad software. To find out more, go to the website at The software is easy to install. Peel away ads can be used in any corner of the web page. It is advised that ads stay above the halfway point of the page for best results. Choose the right or left upper corner for the peel away ads. You can test out which corner is best.

With the software, animate all of your websites. Because people want to see what is on the next page, so to speak, the click rate for your ads will increase. Purchase the software once and no further payments are required. Add the script to your page and get started.