Getting the Word Out about Your New Joint Venture Product or Service

You have your joint venture product ready to launch. How are you going to tell the world about it? How are you going to launch your joint venture in style?

Here are just a few ideas to get your thoughts percolating.


Ezines. In addition to talking about and promoting your upcoming joint venture in your own ezine, advertise your upcoming joint venture project in relevant ezines. Don’t forget to chat up the event in your partner’s ezine too. It’s great free exposure for you. Additionally, if you offer reprint rights, other people can use your articles free of charge in exchange for displaying your contact information, links to your site, and giving you credit for the writing. With any ezine, the general rule of thumb is 80% content, 20% promotion.

Blogs. Blogs, like ezines, are excellent free publicity. Not only can you promote on your own blog, you can guest blog on relevant blogs and promote your event there. Use the 80/20 rule here, too.

Press releases. Tell the world about your project by issuing a press release or two. If you release it in stages you can issue a press release for every stage of the release. Press releases can be distributed both online and off.


Advertise. Share already planned advertising space, billboard space, and radio and TV time with your joint venture partner. OR you take on the cost of the advertising in exchange for a bigger piece of the joint venture pie. Don’t forget PPC campaigns. A highly targeted pay-per-click campaign can generate new members for your list and new prospective customers.

Freebies. Give away free reports, audios and ebooks. Build anticipation for the event by giving away freebies, and attach links and ads inside the freebies to promote your upcoming joint venture.

Website. Create a website devoted specifically to your joint venture project. You can drive traffic directly to this website by a pay-per-click campaign, email campaign, press releases, article marketing and search engine optimization.

Direct Promotions

Direct mail. While direct mail can be costly, a postcard campaign to a purchased list is generally between .32 and .50 cents. If you have a 1-3% response rate, depending on the cost of your product, the postcard campaign will most likely pay for itself. Additionally, to cut the cost of the campaign, you can sell ad space on your postcard. Just take care to not let the ads detract from your offer.

Email campaign. Email campaigns are definitely cost effective and a highly targeted promotion can yield tremendous returns. Combine your opt in list, your partner’s opt in list and consider purchasing a list to send your promotion to. Your promotion for a purchased list will be different from the promotions to your opt in lists; however, it is still possible for a purchased list to have great results.

Affiliate programs. Many people forget to include their affiliates in their joint venture promotion plan. However, affiliates can be the key to real profits. Why rely on your own marketing resources when you can employ your affiliates, and your joint venture partner’s affiliates, and really multiply the number of people who you reach and who buy your product or service?

Getting the word out about your joint venture project is just as important as marketing your business. You have a few key elements with a joint venture partnership that make marketing and promoting it easier. You have the potential element of urgency if you do not intend to keep this offer available for a long time. You also have the element of increased credibility when you work with another business owner. Take advantage of these elements and use the marketing and promotion tools mentioned to make your joint venture the next big hit.