Five Things a Virtual Assistant Can Teach an Intern

Most virtual assistants perform all sorts of tasks. They can handle correspondence, do web design, write blog posts, take care of scheduling, and much more. Each VA brings her own unique set of skills to the table, but she is almost always multitalented.

Aspiring administrative professionals can benefit tremendously by being an intern for a virtual assistant. VAs can often use an extra hand to get everything done, and their interns can learn many things by working with them. Here are five things interns can learn through a virtual assistant internship:

1. Multitasking - Being a virtual assistant is practically synonymous with multitasking! Each client usually has several things that they want their VA to do, and most VAs have more than one client. So prioritizing tasks and working on several things simultaneously is something that the virtual assistant excels at.

An intern can learn a lot about multitasking just by watching a VA. And once the intern has started performing some of the tasks, he can apply what he has seen to what he is doing. By the time the internship is over, he will probably be well versed in getting things done.

2. Customer Service - Good customer service is important to every virtual assistant. They apply it to their dealings with clients, and they might even handle customer service for those clients. So in order to be successful, a VA must know how to treat customers. She can pass this mindset on to her intern.

3. Webmastering - Virtual assistants are often proficient in basic web design and coding. They may design entire sites for their clients, or they may update existing sites. These are useful skills for anyone who does business online. The VA can teach her intern the basics while she is working with him.

4. Marketing - This is another thing that VAs can do for themselves and for clients. They must constantly market their own services in order to find work, and they often handle various marketing functions for their clients. Most do the bulk of their marketing online, but some also handle offline promotions. Any intern can benefit from learning about these things.

5. Writing for the Web - Virtual assistants often write web content, blog posts, materials for email campaigns, and sales copy. Each of these types of writing has its own unique characteristics. The differences are subtle, but they do exist. A VA can teach an intern how to write for each medium most effectively.

Whether they're college students looking to gain experience or small business owners who want to learn new skills, interns can learn a lot from a VA. The skills taught by a virtual assistant can not only help someone who wants to be a VA himself, they can also benefit those who want to work in an office or break into another related career.