Find Your Motivation in the Funnies

The comics are one of the most popular sections of the Sunday paper. They're always good for a laugh, and laughing is good for us. But comics can be beneficial to business owners in another way: They can provide us with motivation.

If you've ever worked in an office setting, you might have noticed that some of your coworkers have funnies posted around their work areas. It's true that they can break the monotony of the work day. But while they make us giggle, they often have a message of encouragement behind them.

Comics That Have Underlying Business Lessons

Many comic strips feature small business or workplace themes. And most comics touch on the subject at least on occasion. Here are some of the most notable:

Dilbert - Based in a white-collar office setting, Dilbert pokes fun at things management does. When we're working for someone else, that helps us laugh off our frustrations. When we're in business for ourselves, it can serve as a reminder that we need to communicate effectively with our staff so that they understand why we create policies.

Blondie - Some comics feature characters who own their own businesses. One of the most popular is Blondie. Once a housewife, Blondie owns a catering business in partnership with a friend. Their adventures and misadventures are often featured in the strip, and they provide encouragement to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs while presenting situations they can relate to.

Blondie's husband Dagwood works for a construction company. The relationship between Dagwood and his tyrannical boss makes for many funny moments. It also provides another good example of what we don't want in the workplace.

Hagar the Horrible - Even comics like Hagar the Horrible can provide motivation. In this strip, Hagar is a Viking warrior who keeps trying to invade England. His determination and his hilarious interactions with his crew both entertain and promote dedication to task.

Post Your Favorite Comics Where You Can Enjoy Them While Working

When you find a comic that you find motivational, you could cut it out and post it on your office wall or computer monitor. This will keep it easily accessible when you need a good laugh or an extra nudge to keep you going. You could even post comics throughout the office for your staff to enjoy and draw motivation from.

Keeping a sense of humor is critical when running a business. Comics can help us focus on the funny side of things rather than worrying and stressing out over problems. They can also provide motivational messages. By posting favorite strips where you can see them while working, we can use them for a quick pick-me-up when we need it the most.