Baby Shower Photography

A baby shower is definitely a time when it's important to capture memories of the special occasion. One thing that the guest of honor can count on is that at least one guest will come equipped with a camera.

But will this guest capture the most memorable moments or will she capture only those chance shots, for example, the ones that occur when her hands aren't already full with food or the ones that happen when she's not busy talking with other guests? Not likely.

The host can't be expected to take photographs at the baby shower. She'll be busy making sure her guests are taken care of. The guest of honor doesn't have time to take pictures either, with all she has to do. One sure way to get memorable shots of the baby shower is to hire (or arrange for) someone whose only responsibility at the shower will be photography or videography.

Professional photographers/videographers are expensive and some will be so busy they won't have time to shoot baby showers. The ones who are available most likely will do a great job, especially if he or she has previous experience shooting baby showers. If the host has budgeted money for this type of expense, then hiring a professional is definitely the way to go. Good talent books up fast, so be sure to contract with someone early in the planning stages, 6 – 8 weeks in advance if possible.

There are other options, especially considering that digital photography equipment is so readily available and inexpensive. Taking photographs or videoing the baby shower is definitely something that the guest of honor's father or significant other can handle, and it'll give these guys a reason to be at the shower.

Another option is to purchase disposable cameras for guests and have them snap photos of the party as it unfolds. This is popular at wedding receptions and the guest of honor probably will end up with some interesting shots. Even though this sounds like a great way to go, at the end the cost could end up being higher than anticipated, once the developing fees are factored in.

Speaking of technology, nowadays, even guests who cannot make it to the baby shower can still share in the happy moments by viewing photographs of the special occasion right online, inside a photo album! This is so much easier than emailing out a bunch of images and hoping that recipients know how to uncompress them and view them on screen.

When the party's all over and the images have all been captured, someone goes online and searches for a website that offers online photo albums. After signing up the images are simply uploaded to the site and organized into the appropriate baby shower album. The person creating the album assigns a username and password, and then emails instructions to friends and family telling them where to go and how to login to view the photos. It doesn't get any easier than that!