You have affiliates for your business; why not put them to business for your joint venture project, too?

Affiliates are already enthusiastic and skilled at selling your products. They’re familiar with your target market and they already have systems in place to drive business and sales. When you incorporate your affiliates into the promotion of your JV project, you’re expanding the reach of your project and increasing the potential profits.

Additionally, if your partner has affiliates for their business, then you’re potentially increasing your reach and opportunities exponentially.

So what materials do you give your affiliates to motivate them to sell your JV project?

o A link back to your site and some form of advertising, such as a banner or side bar.

o Detailed information about your product, including its selling points, what makes it different from other products, and its value. If possible, provide them with testimonials from your customers.

o Ad copy, free reprint articles, email promos, free brandable reports, which affiliates can brand with their own link, and even a free e-book.

o Make sure to let your affiliates know the strengths and selling points of your partner, too. That way they can use the information in their own marketing tools and methods.

o A special website where they can send customers to help differentiate your JV product from your other products.

o Consider giving them an extra incentive to really promote your JV project. Potential incentives could be a contest. Give the affiliate with the most sales a cash incentive and you’ll really boost sales.

The more tools you give your affiliates the better. Make sure to keep in touch with your affiliates for the duration of the promotion and give them tips on how they can improve their sales conversions.

Some business owners go as far as to provide their affiliates with a separate joint venture website template and full sales copy for their product on a warm-up page. This may be worth the extra effort if you believe it will boost sales.

The more excitement you build around a joint venture partnership, the more potential profits there are. Your affiliate team can be one of the best tools you have to create this high level of excitement and anticipation for your joint venture project, and they can be the key to real profits. Don’t forget them!