Lots of people use the occasion to give a gift to another family's dog. After all, parents often think to buy great costumes for the kids but Rover would like to join in the fun, too! A spooky ghost sweater or a glow-in-the-dark hourglass covering works well. Well-behaved dogs are also a good thing to bring along on trick or treat trips around the neighborhood, adding an element of safety to the experience. A glow-in-the-dark leash decorated with pumpkins is the perfect gift choice then.

Halloween is a great opportunity to give candles and candle holders. They need not be joke gifts (though that never hurts). An elaborate pair of silver candlesticks can do double duty. They can serve as a lovely Halloween decoration on the snack table and later be used to dress up the house for all sorts of celebrations. Add a pair of aromatic candles and the gift is complete.

A beautiful wreath is another option. Halloween wreaths made of faux red and yellow leaves are a very good front-door decoration for the holiday. And they can be equally appropriate to spruce up the home the entire Fall.

Flowers in a lovely vase are another gift that everyone appreciates. Choose some blooms that are appropriate to the season, such as pansies, asters or certain tulip species, and they will fit right in with the holiday. Add a crystal vase and you have a gift that will be used long after the trick-or-treaters have come and gone.

Treats are always appreciated this time of year, even when they're not in the form of Halloween candy. A gift basket filled with a variety will serve that purpose well. Pumpkin swirl cheesecake is another option.

Halloween-themed puzzles make for a great gift to young and old during this festive season. The kids can get into the spirit early by putting it together the week before the holiday. Adults and young ones can enjoy a good bonding experience by working on it jointly.

Halloween is one of those occasions when the kitchen can get busy. Mom will start churning out fudge or cookies or a dozen other tasty dishes that trick-or-treaters may never see. That means cooking implements, aprons and more will make superb gifts during this holiday season.

And, if you pick out a Teddy Bear in a ghostly outfit, it will make a great surprise for the child who is thinking only of treats at this time of year.