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Certified Organic Body Products

There are body products popping up on shelves everywhere marked as “organic”. They claim to be much more beneficial for you than other body products. You’re probably thinking “what are organic body products and are they really better for me?” Well, organic body products are actually a complicated issue; there’s no simple answer, but here’s some help for sorting it out.

It’s true that using organic materials for body products is better for your health. Modern day body products include hundreds of toxic chemicals. Since these ingredients aren’t ingested into the body, there is very little regulation on what can and cannot be used to make various skin, hair, mouth, and nail care products. Most nail polish contains known carcinogens. Some mouth washes have been linked to increased mouth and throat cancer. Chemicals in deodorant can greatly increase your risk of Alzheimer’s. Other chemicals may cause asthma, ADHD, hormonal problems, and even decreased fertility. These are just a few examples of the many dangerous ingredients in the products you use on a daily basis. Even if these claims can’t be proven, isn’t it better to be careful and not use products with these harmful chemicals?

You may think “that’s horrible, I need to go buy organic body products today!” But keep reading before you do. Since most producers can get away with upping prices just by putting “organic” on the label, there’s been a lot of deception in the market. Producers will replace one ingredient with an organic counterpart and mark their product as organic even though it contains all the same dangerous additives. Others will be even more deceptive by using the chemical definition of organic. That means the “organic” ingredients they list simply contain carbon.

The first clue in looking for genuine organic body products is to search for products with a certification seal. Don’t stop there though. You need to know the standards for certification for each seal. For example, the USDA seal means is that the product is 70% certified organically grown materials. The other 30% can be most any other toxic or unnatural chemical.

To be sure you’re getting a 100% organically grown product, you have to turn it around and look at the ingredients list. You should be able to recognize most of the ingredients on the label. If there’s anything on the list you can’t pronounce, keep looking. Also be aware of ingredients labeled with the word natural; like “natural coloring” or “natural flavors”. These labels can be used to disguise harmful ingredients.

While it may require some searching, there are legitimate 100% organic body products our there that can do your body a world of good. They may just require a little extra looking and a bit more money.