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7 Themes for Children Scrapbooking

Children at age of five to six are very passion in drawing, art and craft. You can get them involve in scrapbooking to express their interest of crafting.

Here I share my seven secret tips for your children scrapbooking ideas.

#1 New Year Family Scrapbooking

January is beginning of the year. You can arrange to do family scrapbooking related to new year with your children. If your child love scrapbooking, this is good theme to train their creativity in scrapbooking.

#2 Friendship Scrapbooking

Every children have their own good friends, including my daughter. Take a few candid photos of your child and his or her good friend, then create a friendship theme or scrapbooking.

#3 Easter Scrapbooking

Easter day is the good celebration day for children to do craft related to this even.You can organize a craft gathering activity, with all your children and friends to have an egg painting session, take some candid photos of the activity, and use it to create an Easter scrapbooking.

#4 Mother Day and Father Day Scrapbooking

Mother and father day is celebration of wonderful mother who has been work their life for their children. It is very meaningful for your child to create a mother and father day scrapbooking, at the same time your child learn about the family value and respect to parents.

#5 Country National Day Scrapbooking

This is a good theme for children to be aware of the country they live and cultivate their love to the country they born. There are a lot of ideas on this theme, such as cultural, tourist attraction locations, life style of the country and a simple flag can be design as national day scrapbooking.

#6 Earth Day Scrapbooking

Earth is the planet we stay, it is critical to let our children aware of how to protect our earth. Earth day scrapbooking is a good theme for children age of 5 to 6 to understand how to be environmental friendly in their daily life.

#7 School Sports Day Scrapbooking

Children like sports a lot! One of the good idea is get your child to do gymnastics scrapbooking, if your child love gymnastics. You can find your own theme that apply to your children interest in other sport activities.

Once your toddlers done, you may put them to their album scrapbooking. Hope you like above themes!