Holidays are about making memories. On the last day of a year you’ll never see again think of ways that you can share it with those who mean the most to you.

1. Watch some movies. There will certainly be enough time before midnight for everyone to throw a movie they like into the mix. You can give your movie night a theme. Choose a variety of movies celebrating other holidays in the year. You’ll have scary, funny, romantic, dramatic and jingle bells thrown in for good measure. How’s that for eclectic?

2. Play board games. On a regular night it might be hard to get everyone together to have a family game night. But, on this night, everyone is at home. Bring back a little of those childhood years with games like Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders (that’s a really old one), Sorry! And Life. For a large family, set up more than one game station so everyone can play what they like.

3. Play team games. This is when people traditionally play charades, drawing games and others. Divide into teams and see who can put on the best game face. Keep changing teams so that each family member gets to be on a team with each other. You can also make up your own games like a team scavenger hunt throughout the house.

4. Reminisce with old pictures. Who is that kid in the plaid pants and butterfly collar shirt? It might be you. Use this time to bond as a family. Go through old photo albums and remember times gone by. There may be a few pictures of folks you don’t remember. Or, there could be some interesting stories that are told just from a photo. Before you know it, everyone’s sides will threaten to burst from laughter.

5. Make a dessert. All this other fun may make you want to feed your sweet tooth. For those who want to, let them make a dessert for the family to try. The more desserts you have, the more yummy goodness you can enjoy.

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? These five ideas offer fun for the family who wants to spend time celebrating together.