Tips to Help Prioritize Business Tasks

When running a business, sometimes it seems like there are so many things to do that we don't know where to start. Setting priorities is essential. But sometimes that's easier said than done.

Prioritizing tasks may seem like a daunting task all by itself. It does take some thought, but if you come up with a system and stick to it, you can prioritize business tasks much more quickly and effectively. Here are some pointers.

Marketing Makes Me Crazy

The big question concerning starting a business, besides what you will sell, is how you will market what you are selling. Marketing is the way that business owners turn their products and services into the “need to know” name in the business. Learning marketing takes a serious effort and the sheer volume of information available can be overwhelming.

All of the aspects of marketing these days that are available can have your head spinning in no time. What do you do first? What is the best kind of marketing for your business? How do I go about niche marketing?

Managing Worry

Managing worry is one of the life skills. One of the most common problems faced by mothers today is their inability to stop worrying. It’s just a natural thing for mothers to do. We know that our children our young and don’t realize all of the dangers within the world, so we worry. Not only do we worry about our children, but we also worry about our relationships with others, our jobs, our finances and many more things. For some reason, women seem to be more susceptible to excessive worrying.

Marketing Mojo

The term “mojo” can mean different things to different people. For some, it means being “in the swing of things” or on top of their game. When a business owner has marketing mojo, they are on top of their marketing efforts and are having fun with them.

Having this mojo is very desirable. When a business owner is having fun with their marketing, it won’t seem like a chore at all.

Look Locally for Small Business Start-Up Guidance

Starting a small business is certainly no easy task, and business owners need all the help they can get. Most will turn to places like the Federal Government or Small Business Association for help. While these are great places to start, there is a wealth of local resources in more areas that can provide more individualized help for start-up businesses. Combining the guidance from city and state resources with the help of national programs can be a huge boost for those preparing to start their own small business.

Keeping Track of Your Assistant's Work

Assistants are invaluable to small business owners. They handle administrative and other tasks that we don't have the time or patience to handle. They allow us to concentrate on making our businesses more profitable and doing what we love to do.

When working with assistants, it is important to keep tabs on the work they are doing. It helps us ensure that everything is taken care of. It eliminates confusion about pay. And it helps us determine when our assistants need to be rewarded for a job well done.

5 Reasons Marketing Should Be a Business Priority

Small business owners wear many hats. They are often the accountant, receptionist, secretary, repairperson, and much more. They multitask like there's no tomorrow, tackling administrative, sales, and all sorts of other functions. Even if they hire employees or contractors to handle some of these things, they still have a lot to do. So it's easy to forget about marketing.

Managing Customer Data

Whether you are in a full blown brick and mortar business, operating a business out of your home, or maybe a traveling salesperson, you will have customers, business associates and various other contacts. And like the rest of us, you will need to have access to their contact information. This information can and will be anything from a simple phone number to complete mailing addresses, fax numbers and maybe certain dates. If you have it written down, chances are it is important.

How Organization Can Make or Break a Business

Being organized is essential to the health of any business. An organized office runs more efficiently and provides a less stressful environment for business owners and employees. And it's just more pleasing to look at than a disorganized office.

Disorganization makes everything much more difficult than it needs to be. This affects more than the obvious aspects such as filing. It tends to spill over into virtually every part of the business, and that can be disastrous.

What Is Your Reputation?

Everyone, everywhere, has a reputation. This could be an individual or a business one; it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you know what your reputation is. Is it good, or are there some black marks there lurking about? Maybe you’ve had a horrible reputation in the past and are trying to change this into a good reputation. These are all possible scenarios.