Punishment and Objectivity

In parenting circles, the word 'punishment' often brings to mind 'corporeal punishment' - spanking, slapping or other forms of physical action. One can agree that such behaviour is counter-productive in rearing a healthy child, while at the same time avoiding the false alternative of excessive permissiveness.

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry - conflict between and among brothers and sisters - can take all the forms that occur among adults: loud arguments, sports competition, physical fights, property destruction, etc. As the list suggests, some forms will require parental intervention, while others may be safely left to the kids to work out for themselves.


Few subjects in parenting are as fundamental, or as important, as communication. Humans function so much by language, whether implicit or explicit, that learning how to communicate effectively affects virtually every other sphere of family relations.

The London Eye

One of the best ways to see London is from the air. Unfortunately, that was fairly difficult until recently. Now it's as easy as stepping onto a platform that moves slower than the average escalator into the London Eye pod.


The Bloodhound is a familiar sight in movies that feature escaped convicts. Although the sound of these big dogs baying as they find the scent they are searching for may be a chilling sound to an escapee, it can be a comforting sound.

Bamboo Flooring

an eco-friendly alternative

Think about this, to produce an oak floor it takes several trees. Other trees used to make hardwood floors take upwards 15 to 100 years to grow to maturity. Bamboo takes 6 years. By choosing bamboo flooring, you’re choosing an incredibly sustainable resource.