Things to Do in Ronda

Stop at the Casa del Rey Moro. Built in the 1700s, a set of Moorish steps leads from the garden down to a delightful gorge. Look back up and enjoy a view that was once enjoyed by the King of Ronda himself.

See a still-functioning convent and church, the Church of Saint Isabel of the Angels, housed in buildings begun during the Moorish occupation of Spain. Established in the 16th century as an order of St Francis of Assisi, the convent has seen substantial restoration since the Spanish Civil War.

Exercise Tips For Chair-Bound Or Frail Seniors

We all need to get the body moving in one way or another. There are too many benefits to exercise for all of us to ignore it. Exercise builds muscle. The human body is a machine. That muscle burns fat and helps to give us strength to do the things we do each day.

For a senior, strength is important. With bone loss and lower amounts of calcium, it can be easier to break a hip or arm as a result of a fall. Keeping the body fit can improve balance and prevent falls that can be life-threatening.