Words are key when building a web site

Keywords are the terms people enter on search engine boxes to find the information they want. Most people find sites through a search, so it is important to use the exact same words people are searching for in your site. If a site talks about how to reduce abdominal fat and people are searching for ways to reduce their belly fat, chances are not many people will find that site.

Software tools for building a web site

If you are considering building a web site all by yourself, you will definitely want to take a close look at HTML editors. Everyone knows that one can edit HTML with a simple tool like Notepad, however a more sophisticated editor is the secret to productivity. Some editors are as easy to use as a word processor and one can design and build a web page with little knowledge of HTML. You can start working while you learn.

Learn basic HTML

If you are thinking of an Internet business and building a website, learning basic HTML is a first step that will save you many hours of frustration later. Start from day one, whatever activity you do online, understanding HTML is really a plus.

Although it is true there is software you can use to build a site without needing to know any code at all, it''s actually helpful if you at least understand the basics of HTML.