Offer Your Services as an Intern to Get the Experience You Need

It can be frustrating trying to break into a new career. Whether you're fresh out of college with no real world experience or you've just decided that you want to try something different, getting started in a new field can be tough. Employers want experience but if you can't find a job, how do you get that experience?

One way to gain experience is to offer your services as an intern. Internships are often unpaid, but they can help jump-start your career. They can make you a much more attractive option for employers once complete. And that translates into more money in the long run, because you will be able to get a better position and get started moving up the career ladder sooner.

How an Internship Can Boost Your Career

Completing an internship can expose you to a number of things that can help you get your career moving forward. These include the following:

You get verifiable work experience. Instead of having nothing but your education and some random jobs on your resume, you can list real world experience in your field. This can prevent your resume from ending up in the trash shortly after it has been opened.

You learn skills that you can use in future positions. Experience is great, but if you do not learn anything from it, it won't get you very far. Good internships are designed to teach the intern the basics of the business while giving them real hands-on work to apply those lessons to. By the time the internship is over, you should be able to confidently say that you can perform a number of tasks that are relevant to your career choice.

You make connections with others in your field. Employees at the business you intern for are a great source of references. They may also be able to help connect you with potential employers. By taking the time to make meaningful connections, you can benefit your career greatly.

You learn industry jargon. Knowing the terminology used in your career field can give you an edge during job interviews. So pay attention to the words that employees are throwing around, and if you don't know what something means, do not be afraid to ask.

Becoming an intern won't make you rich, but it can get you on the road to the career you've been dreaming of. Relevant experience is one of the key things employers look for in a job candidate, and an internship can give you that. But it can give you much more than just an extra line on your resume. It can give you the connections and knowledge you need to succeed.